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Audit Assistance and Representation Services

Audit Assistance

If a taxpayer is audited by the IRS or a state tax agency, I recommend that you engage professional representation; see next section. However, for those choosing to handle it on their own, I offer a consultation covering an overview of the process: responding to the IRS/state notice, submitting necessary documents, timelines involved and options after an audit determination. This would be a one-time half-hour advisory meeting ($50 fee) before the process begins. Once the audit is underway, this type of assistance will not be provided because responses and actions are specific to each case and would imply an official client-representative relationship. But at this stage, I do offer audit representation.

Audit Representation

If a taxpayer is subject to an impending correspondence, office or field audit and wishes to be represented by an authorized practitioner, or the audit is ongoing and the taxpayer now wishes representation, as an enrolled agent I am federally licensed to represent taxpayers in the audit, appeals and collection process before the IRS/state. In addition to a client engagement letter, Client will need to sign a Power of Attorney form which authorizes me to receive copies of any written communication from the taxing authority, act and respond on Client's behalf, and represent Client at any examination meetings.

Correspondence audits are most common, but audits of more complex returns including business activities, are conducted as an office (visit to the IRS office) or a field (IRS agent visits the office/home/place of business) audit.

Audit Fees, billable in quarter-hour increments:
Filing the Power of Attorney form to authorize representation: $25,
Any incidental expenses incurred (ie, priority mail), and

current clients
correspondence audit: $60/hr, maximum $1,200
(applies to initial audit year; 1/2 maximum applies to additional years if selected for examination)
office/field audit:$70/hr audit meeting time (in addition to time-fees noted above)

A successful audit defense not only involves time organizing documentation but may require researching court decisions and revenue rulings. Audit fee limits do not apply to time required for appeals/audit reconsideration, if applicable, following the audit report.

Please note: My tax preparation service include resolving any notices concerning the preparation of the return, but situations in which the taxpayer has been selected for an audit is a separate issue to which these fees apply.

new clients
correspondence audit: $60/hr
office/field audit: $70/hr audit meeting time (in addition to $50/hr preparation time)

A $125 retainer fee will be required from new clients upon agreement of audit representation. A quote for a maximum fee for representation service may be made on a case-by-case basis.